Audevard Hoofbiotine

Audevard Hoof Biotin supports a healthy hoof and coat.

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Audevard Hoof Biotin

Audevard Hoof Biotin supports a healthy hoof and coat. Audevard Hoof Biotin contains 20 mg of D-biotin daily and provides 14 essential micronutrients and a complex of four plant extracts.
You can give Audevard Hoof Biotin to support the hooves, but it also helps improve the quality of the coat and mane. 

More Information

Composition Audevard Hoof Biotin

dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, barley, sugar beet molasses, magnesium sulfate, ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), carob, sodium sulfate, chrysanthellum (Chrysanthellum americanum), methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), sulfur-flowered buckwheat, anise (Pimpinella anisum), hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha). Additions (per kg): -2b- Flavorings: apple flavor 10,000 mg, 2b17019 L-proline 1,250 mg. -3a- Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances having a similar effect: 3a300 vitamin C 5,000 mg, 3a314 niacin 5,000 mg, 3a841 pantothenic acid 4,000 mg, 3a316 folic acid 1,500 mg, 3a890 choline chloride 1,676 mg, 3a880 biotin 800 mg, 3a672a vitamin A 500,000 IU. -3b- Trace elements: zinc (3b603 oxide and 3b607 chelate) 40,107 mg, copper (3b413 chelate and 3b405 sulfate) 3,108 mg. -3c- Amino acids and salts and similar products: 3c301 DL-methionine 120,000 mg, 3c361 L-arginine 60,000 mg, 3c391 L-cystine 30,000 mg, 3c401 L-tyrosine 1,500 mg. Analytical constituents: moisture < 10%, crude ash 42%, calcium 12%, sodium 0.96%, phosphorus 4%, magnesium 1%.

Usage Text

Directions for use Audevard Hoof Biotin

Daily amount: 1 scoop = 25g
Give 1 scoop per horse, per day

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