Cavalor muscle liq

To counteract the production of lactic acid in cases of stiff and cramped muscles.
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Cavalor - Muscle Liquid

To counteract the production of lactic acid in cases of stiff and cramped muscles.
Stiff and cramped muscles may have several causes, so it is recommended that you consult a specialist in these cases.
Frequently, the main cause of this problem is related to muscle acidosis. Acidosis may not only cause muscle stiffness but can also be the underlying cause of muscular disorders that can cause severe immobility of the horse  (In that case, the veterinarian should be called in immediately). Muscle stiffness should not be underestimated. Muscle and tendon injuries may be the result of inadequate attention to the prevention of stiffness or insufficient measures for recuperation.
For severe muscle stiffness, we recommend using Cavalor Muscle Fit. Cavalor Muscle Liq contains a broad spectrum of nutrients with antioxidant properties that work on different levels. Therefore, the total antioxidant capacity is higher than the Vitamin E level alone. 

Composition and safety of the product:
Cavalor Muscle Liq is a feed supplement that contains nutritional elements that are lacking in the feed ration or are insufficiently generated in the animals body. It is appropriate for horses that are structurally, periodically or incidentally affected by mild stiffness of the muscles. The nutrients in Cavalor Muscle Liq contain the right elements to counteract the production of excessive lactic acid and to break down accumulated lactic acid. Cavalor Muscle Liq contains vitamins E, B1, B2, B12, Betaine and trace elements: organic zinc, selenium; minerals: calcium, sodium, magnesium. Cavalor Muscle Liq is enriched with Sodium Citrate: The acid-citrate salt is a buffering agent - providing strong neutralising or buffering activity against acid salts (like Lactiq Acid), or build up of acid in the blood or urine. The sodium content given as an after work recovery aid stimulates the animal to drink more water, which in turn corrects post-race dehydration and flushes acid and metabolic wastes from the kidneys.

Dosage per animal per day: 50 ml liquid mixed in the feed.
Administer Cavalor Muscle Liq a few days prior to an intensive work or training and immediately after intense work.
Always administer water when you give Cavalor Muscle Liq as the high Sodium level will make the horse drink more.
Maximum dose: 150 ml per animal per day.

What is the difference between Cavalor Muscle Fit and Cavalor Muscle Liq?
Cavalor Muscle Fit contains high-quality nutrients that improve muscle function and therefore help prevent the onset of fatigue. Cavalor Muscle Fit should be used several days before competition and as a nutritional support for horses with muscle problems. Cavalor Muscle Liq can best be used during training, while Cavalor Muscle Fit can be given two days before, during and one day after competition.

More Information
Usage Text

50 ml daily.

Do not give more then 150 ml a day

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