Confidence eq

Maternal equine pheromone can be helpful in stressful situations. Based on pheromone communication, ConfidenceEQ speaks to your horse in a language they instinctually understand.
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Ceva Animal Health Confidence EQ 10 sachets


Maternal equine pheromone analog 1%


Confidence EQ is a synthetic copy of the maternal equine pheromone which is produced by the mare a few days after birth to reassure its foalIt replicates the soothing signals a mare sends to her nursing foal. Based on the science of pheromone communication, ConfidenceEQ speaks to your horse in a language they instinctually understand..

Confidence EQ helps to:
- Promote learning
- Improve focus on tasks

Confidence EQ can be helpful in stressful situations, with no side effects and without affecting the horses performance.
Non doping.


Confidence EQ is designed for both young and adult horses when experiencing new situations or activities. Confidence EQ can also be used in sensitive horses and during the below situations (please note, this list is not exhaustive)

- Travelling, stabling , recovery after landing (truck, plane, train)
- Environmental changes: moving, turning out, change of stable, new owner
- Work situations: learning and training new or potentially stressful situations
- Social situations: separation of the foal from the mother, loneliness, new arrival
- Care: visit to the vet, farrier, clipping,
- Noise and lights: thunder storms, gunshots, fireworks, crowds, vehicles, flashing lights

(In the case of long-term behaviour problems, a complete physical examination by a veterinarian is recommended to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan).


More Information
Usage TextBreng de gel uit de sachet op twee vingers aan en breng de gel vervolgens op de basis/binnenkant van de neusvleugels aan. Doe dit 30 minuten voorafgaand aan de stressvolle situatie. Het is mogelijk dat het paard zijn neus vervolgens zal optrekken of omkrult, wat ook wel flemen genoemd wordt. Dit natuurlijke gedrag laten paarden zien wanneer ze feromonen ontvangen en interpreteren. Het effect houdt ongeveer gedurende 2,5 uur aan. Herhaal dit indien nodig.
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