Equistro electrolyte 7

Dietetic complementary feedingstuff destined to compensate electrolyte losses.
Within 2 - 10 workingdays
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ContentsNumber of daysPricePrice per day
3000 gr75€87.50€1.17


Dietetic complementary feedingstuff destined to compensate electrolyte losses. ELECTROLYT 7 provides a regular electrolyte supply that complements nutritional sources during periods of marked sweating. The mineral salts in ELECTROLYT 7 are in a readily assimable form allowing a rapid use and an excellent palatability. The addition of vitamins helps horses assure a high performance.

Usage: ELECTROLYT 7 is particularly recommended during extreme physical exertion:
· physical capacity and sporting potential recovery
· hot climates.

More Information
Contents - gram3000 gr
Dosage40 g
Ingredients1 kg bevat: Zink 500 mg, vitamine E 5.900 IE, vitamine C 5.900 mg. chloride 11,8%, natrium 11,7%, kalium 0,83%, calcium 0,49%, fosfor 0,44%, magnesium 0,05%, glucose 0,04%.
Usage Text

Aanbevolen doses:

- volwassen paard (500 kg): 1 maatschep van 28 g per dag
- klein paard: ½ maatschep van 28 g per dag
- pony's : ¼ maatschep van 28 g per dag

Toedienen gedurende maximum 3 opeenvolgende dagen met steeds voldoende drinkwater vrij ter beschikking.

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