Equistro myo power

Myo Power is a complementary feeding stuff for horses that helps to improve muscle mass conditioning to prepare horses for competition.
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Equistro Myo Power 2300 g

Myo Power is a new and innovative combination of 2 sources of high quality proteins (containing 18 amino acids): potato protein and milk casein, plus an essential branched chain amino acid: L-leucine, the most important one for muscle synthesis. Each ingredient has been carefully selected according to available scientific supporting evidence for its complementary support of the horse’s muscle health and development. The result is a product based on the biologically active L-leucine amino acid and highly digestible protein which have been shown to significantly improve muscular mass.

How does Myo Power work?

Myo power reunites 4 different key components that enable muscle conditioning and metabolism. The combination of these elements targets the amino acids necessary for an optimal muscular function. They participate to build the muscle structure and to make it function optimally.

• Potato proteins

Potato proteins have high nutritional quality (equal to that of eggs), and a very high digestibility (more than 90%). Practically all the potato proteins are absorbed in the horse’s small intestine which is the only part of the digestive tract able to absorbed amino acids. In other words, there are no residual proteins remaining that can be fermented by the colon’s bacteria (i.e. wastage). Amino acids from the potato proteins are absorbed as short peptides (constituted by 3 or 2 linked amino acids), which are scientifically proven to be the best form assimilated by the intestine. It is the vegetal protein presenting the highest level of essential amino acids such as L-leucine, lysine, threonine, methionine and phenylalanine. Proteins are extracted from the tuber, the premium part of the potato, by a special process eliminating bitter glycoalkaloids.
Protein nutritional value in potato is superior to that of soybean, considered as the protein reference for horses.

• Calcium caseinate

Calcium caseinate is casein protein extracted from milk, with no lactose. Casein slows down nitrogen absorption by muscle. Thus, amino acids are distributed in the body, allowing to stop the muscular catabolism (breakdown) post-exercise. Proteins in milk are known to have high quality and ileal digestibility as short peptides (hence its role in foal nutrition). Several of the amino acids in the proteins are almost completely absorbed before reaching the end of the small intestine. The essential amino acids L-lysine and DL-methionine are both highly digestible in milk proteins. Furthermore, the digestible contents of lysine, methionine and total sulfur amino acids of milk proteins are higher than those for the soybean proteins. Casein intake after resistance exercise results in an overall balanced muscle protein synthesis response.

• L-Leucine

L-Leucine is an essential branched chain amino acid, meaning that the horse is not able to produce it itself, and therefore it needs to find it in its food. L-Leucine is the key essential amino acid of muscle metabolism. Recent scientific researches prove that L-leucine is unique among amino acids for its regulatory role in muscle metabolism. It controls glycemic (sugar) regulation, participates to the energy production in cell mitochondria (power production organs within the cell) for muscular contraction and is a key factor leading to the stimulation of cellular processes for protein synthesis in muscle. L-leucine has the ability to help improve a horse’s muscle mass during work or convalescence and to counteract horse muscle injuries during training. L-leucine reaches muscle in direct proportion to its dietary intake. Even as a simple amino acid, L-leucine is absorbed faster than smaller amino acids, ensuring a high availability. Among the most common horse feed ingredients and forages, potato proteins and casein have the highest leucine concentrations.

• Glucose

Carbohydrate intake simultaneously with proteins and L-leucine ingestion improves the effects of amino acids on muscle synthesis. That is why Myo Power also contains glucose.

More Information
Contents - gram2250 gr
Dosage50 g

- Grondstoffen: aardappel eiwit, glucose, calcium caseïnaat lecithine.
- Analytische bestanddelen: Ruw eiwit 45,3%, Vocht 8%, As 7,5%, in HCl onoplosbare as 4,4% Vet bruto 1,4% Natrium 1%, Vezels 0,5%.
- Additief (per kg): aromatische stoffen: L-leucine 59 900 mg

Usage Text


- Paarden: 75 gram per dag gedurende 3 weken, daarna 50 gram per dag gedurende 1 maand.
- Veulens en pony's: 50 gram per dag gedurende 3 weken, daarna 25 gram per dag voor 1 maand.

Het product EQUISTRO MYO POWER ® bevat geen ingrediënt dat positief getest wordt tijdens een dopingcontrole.

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