Which weight should I choose for my horse?

Charlotte van der Pouw posted this on Jul 9, 2019

When do you use which rug?

What rug is best for which moment depends on a number of factors. Just like humans, some horses tend to get hot sooner than others, so it’s good to know what’s the temperature your horse will be most comfortable in. You can do this by feeling underneath the horses rug regularly to feel if it’s hot or just nice and warm, but you can also use the Horsepal Rug Sensor. This is a temperature measuring tool that’s attached on the inside of the rug, and will measure the temperature and humidity underneath the rug. You can read the results in the Horsepal App. According this information, you can change the rug, putting a thicker or less thick rug on your horse.

What thickness for which temperatures?

It’s not necessary to put a rug on your horse during the summer. If the temperature drops to 10-15 degrees, you can put a light rain rug with no fill, or a summer sheet on your horse. If the temperature drops to 0-10 degrees, you can put a 200 or 300 g rug on your horse. If the temperature drops below 0 degrees, you can put a 400g rug on your horse.

What should I take into account?

If your horses stable is in an isolated stable, the temperature will be higher than when your horse is outside in a field. If the weather forecast predicts temperatures below 0, the temperatures inside an isolated stable will not drop this low, so there won’t be a need to put a 400 g rug on the horse, a 200g or 300g rug will do. If your horse is clipped, you should put on a thicker rug because it will be more difficult to keep warm by using its coat. We advise to increase the rug thickness with 100 or 200 g after clipping your horse.
Don’t focus too much on the thickness of the rug. Some rugs have a special lining, which will create warmth. It may occur that a rug with a 100g fill and a special lining will create more warmth than a rug with a 400g fill. If a horse rug has a special lining inside, we will mention this on the website.

The heat insulating capacity will decrease when the rug is washed. Air has the ability to insulate heat, but if you wash your rug with fill regularly, you will notice that the fill feels more flat and thinner. This means that there’s less air between the layers of the fill of the rug, making the rug less warm than it was originally. Therefore, choose a high quality rug. The filling of these rugs is often of a high quality material that will remain airy for a long time.

A waterproof rug is less breathable than a stable rug. We advise to use a stable rug if possible. A stable rug is more breathable, making the rug more comfortable to wear for the horse. A waterproof rug with no filling can be warmer than a cotton summer sheet with no filling.

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