How do I fit my horse rug?

Charlotte van der Pouw posted this on Jul 9, 2019

We advise to put the horse rug on your horse as soon as possible after receiving it, to see if the rug fits your horse correctly. We advise to use a thin summer- or fleece rug underneath the rug you’re fitting, so it will stay clean, in case you have to return it. Often, horses are wearing a rug that’s too large for them. At first sight, it looks like the rug has a nice, comfy fit, but when the horse starts moving around in the stable, paddock or out in the field, the rug will start pulling back, putting pressure on the chest and wither area. This may cause rubbing against the skin or the rug may slide to one side.

A few points of attention for fitting a rug:

  • Put the rug on the horse and pull it back and walk around for a bit before determining if the rug has the correct fit and size.
  • The rug should end at the area where the tail starts.
  • The front closure should be fastened easily.
  • The front closure shouldn’t be too low at the chest, this will create pressure at the shoulder area.
  • The rug should start around one hand width before the withers, so it covers the withers nicely.

If you’re uncertain if the rug has the correct fit, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you. You can send us a photo or short video so we can advise you.
It’s very important that the rug will fit your horse perfectly so it will feel comfortable in its rug at all times.

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