How do you wash a horse rug?

Charlotte van der Pouw posted this on Jul 9, 2019

You can wash your horse rug with a special rug wash, such as Rambo Rug wash or Bucas Rug wash. Rugs can lose their waterproof coating in the washing machine, so a special rug wash will help prevent this from happening. Also, these rug washes are pH neutral so softer for the horses skin. This reduces the chance of irritation, rash or bumps, etc. So we advise to use a rug wash also for rugs that are not waterproof. Be aware to always follow the instructions, do not wash the rug at too high temperatures. This will keep the rug in best conditions.

We advise to use a special washing bag for rugs, to prevent the buckles from the rug damaging your washing machine.

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