Turnout rugs (lite)


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  1. Eskadron Turnout Rug Ripstop
  2. Eskadron Turnout Rug Fleece
  3. Amigo Hero Lite Ripstop 0 gr
    €62.96 €69.95
  4. Kentucky turnout rug lite
  5. migo Bravo 12 Plus Lite
    €132.75 €147.50
  6. Rambo Optimo Regendeken
    €283.50 €315.00
  7. Rambo Supreme Lite
    €334.35 €371.50
  8. Amigo Bravo 12 Lite
    €113.36 €125.95
  9. Amigo bravo 12 lite 'disc'
    €123.26 €136.95
  10. Bucas Smartex Rain
    €197.10 €219.00
  11. Rambo Original Lite
    €258.75 €287.50
  12. Rambo Duo


    Rambo duo
    €400.50 €445.00
  13. Rambo Duo Bundle
    €418.50 €465.00
  14. Busse exercise sheet softshell
    €269.96 €299.95
  15. Rambo Duo Tech
    €427.50 €475.00
  16. Bucas Irish Turnout Lite
    €107.10 €119.00
  17. Rhino Wug Lite
    €170.06 €188.95
  18. Rambo Wug Lite
    €249.30 €277.00
  19. Amigo Wug Lite
    €143.96 €159.95
  20. Amigo bravo 12 bundle
    €107.96 €119.95

Items 1-20 of 34

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Here at DocHorse, you can find a large variety of outdoor rugs for your horse. You can get your outdoor rug here at DocHorse from all kinds of brands, such as Horseware, Rambo, Amigo, Rhino, QHP, Trust and Bucas. We have outdoor rugs with fixed and removable hoods, and also liners compatible with a liner system. For broad chested horses, we can offer outdoor rugs with a ‘XL’or ‘big neck’ cut.

Why do you need an oudoor rug?

An outdoor rug protects your horse against rain and wind when he’s out in the field or paddock. If you don’t want your horse to develop a teddybear-like coat, we advise to put the horse under an outdoor rug when the temperatures are decreasing.

What is important when selecting an outdoor rug?

This is completely up to you! If your horse spends time in the field or paddock with other horses, we advise to choose a rug with a tough exterior, 1000 Denier or more. This will help prevent the rug from tearing when playing rough with other horses. Besides the outer material, it’s also very important to choose a rug with a good fit for your horse. Your horse should be able to move freely in its rug. For broad chested horses, we have the XL (Horseware) or Big Neck (Bucas) rugs for the perfect fit around the chest area.

Choose a rug compatible with a liner system!

Transform your outdoor rug into a nice and comfy winter rug by adding special liners to the outer rug. These rugs are developed to be attached to the outer rugs. For example the rugs from the Rambo, Amigo (Horseware) and the Select liners for the Bucas outer rugs.

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