Horseware sportz-vibe massage rug

Give your horse all the benefits of therapeutic massage with the lightweight and portable Sportz-Vibe massage therapy rug. This comfortable equine massage rug with detachable hood goes anywhere you and your horse go to serve as a warm-up or recovery rug.
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Horseware Sportz-Vibe Massage Rug

Designed and created by the team who brought you Ice-Vibe, Sportz-Vibe is the most comfortable, lightweight and portable massage therapy rug for horses. Ideal as a warm up or recovery rug, it helps to warm up muscles before work and ease soreness and stiffness afterwards, and is ideal for maintening muscular well-being throughout the year.

How it Works

Sportz-Vibe’s massage action is gentle enough that it won’t over-work your horse’s muscles, but will effectively reduce muscle tension, and removable massage panels mean you can target a specific area.
Massage therapy is one of the oldest known methods of therapy, and is renowned for its ability to promote healing. Massage can help to reduce pain, improve blood supply to tissue, and reduce inflammation in horses that are suffering from long term muscular back problems. By encouraging the lymph system to move, massage helps to drain inflammation and stimulate repair to damaged tissue.

Why Use Sportz-Vibe?

Using Sportz-Vibe before exercise can help reduce the risk of injury as increasing blood flow to muscles, tendons and ligaments helps to make them more elastic.
Sportz-Vibe can help manage every day wear and tear, and help your horse to recover more quickly after hard work.

Warm up:
The increase in blood flow helps to make muscles more elastic and therefore assists you to warm up your horse reducing the risk of injury.

Massage can help to reduce inflammation by stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins. An increase in blood flow also helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the area. This can assist with the healing process.

Your Sportz-Vibe rug has eight different panel positions:
1.  Either side of the hind quarters
2.  Either side of the saddle area
3.  Either side of the shoulders
4.  Either side of the neck

There are 3 separate battery positions.
Your rug has four panels and a battery supplied with it. You can move the panels and battery around to treat different areas on your horse.

What comes with the Sportz-Vibe massage rug?

4 panels
1 rechargeable battery
4 panel cables
Battery charger
Lightweight breathable sheet and neck piece

More Information
Blanket OptionsTherapeutic
Usage Text

How do I use it?

1. Insert the vibrating panels into the pockets on the underside of the rug. The flat side of the panels should be against your horse’s back.
2. Plug the single pin end of the connecting cable into the battery on the right side of the battery pack when you hold it with indicator lights facing you and slide the battery pack into the pocket on the inner of the rug.
3. Push the cables through the elastic loops to keep them covered and hold them in the correct position, the red plug ended cables should go into the panels on the right side of the horse and the black plug ended cables should go into the panels on the left side of the horse.
4. Fasten the surcingle strap closures around the horse’s stomach. Use the slide on the strap to adjust the length until it fits snugly
5. The front of your rug is adjustable and elasticated to give your horse optimum fit. Firstly close the Velcro straps over each other to your required length. When closed connect the male/female front clips to secure the fit at the front. For further adjustments slide the slider on the front straps until the slack is removed from the straps.
6. The rug should be snug and comfortable but not too tight.
7. You can access the battery on your horse’s rug by opening the zipped pocket on the outside of the rug. To switch the rug on hold down the on/off button on the outside of the rug for 3 seconds.
8. The rug will turn on at setting 1 and will automatically switch off after 20 mins. During setting 1 the light on your battery will be green.
9. To increase the setting from setting 1 to setting 2 press the on/off button once and it will increase to setting 2. Setting 2 is the strongest setting, this will automatically switch off after 20 mins. The button on
your battery during setting 2 will be red.
10. There are three vertical lights on the side of your battery, this shows you how much life is left in your battery. Three lights being the strongest, one light being the weakest.

What setting should I use?

You should always start your horse on setting 1 to introduce them to the rug. Setting one is gentle and the alternations between the panels is 2 seconds, this allows your horse to adapt to the massage rug.

Setting 1 is an ideal setting for warm up, recovery after exercise and rehabilitation. The massage action can reduce muscle tension allowing blood flow to return to the muscle, helping to reduce lactic acid build-up and stimulate repair.
Setting 2 is to be used if your horse has no physical issues, it will help to reduce muscle tension and help create heat in the muscles, making it an ideal setting before you ride or as a treatment for general well

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