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Groom Away Seal to Heal

Successfully working all year round on cuts, grazes, cracked heels and other mud related conditions.

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Groom Away Seal To Heal 100ml

A spray-on transparent dressing for horses exposed to muddy conditions, Groom Away Seal To Heal forms a flexible barrier to protect against the bacteria found in mud. If the horse is kept in dry conditions, a marked improvement should be visible within 3-5 days. Seal to Heal is ideal for areas where more conventional dressings are difficult to apply, and is easy to use in an emergency, forming a protective later to seal the epidermis and maintain moisture levels in just 60 seconds.

Use at the first sign of mud fever to contain the infection and speed healing, thus reducing the distress and discomfort to your horse.
In the summer, Seal to Heal keeps flies out of wounds, preventing them from laying eggs there and so reducing infection and assisting the healing process.
This all-in-one product reduces the need for costly dressings and creams or lotions, saving you money and accelerating your horse's recovery.

A year-round veterinary product and an essential item for every tack box!

• Flexible wound dressing
• Protective layer in 60 seconds
• Keeps flies, mud and bacteria out
• Helps cracked heels and other mud related problems
• Safe and hygienic to use
• Outstanding results

Additional Information

Additional Information

Usage Text

Use daily to maximise protection. For best results, clip all hair close to the skin from the immediate affected area, as this helps to reduce bacteria levels. Apply to a dry, cleaned, minor wound, by spraying an even layer 6” or 15cm away from the wound for 5 seconds, repeating 4/5 times depending on the wound size, allowing each layer 1 minute to dry, this will enhance the layers of protection.

Can be removed with warm water or allowed to wear off naturally. If the horse is kept in dry conditions, a marked improvement should be visible within 3-5 days


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