Sweet Itch

Sweet Itch

Sweet itch

The temperatures are rising, and this means the end of winter cold and scarce food. The change of seasons will trigger a lot of processes in your horses body. He will shed his winter coat, toxins are released in the body and the horse might have a weakened immune system in this period. This is due to changing nutritional values, spending relatively more time in the stable and environmental changes, such as temperature changes and more sun hours, the days are getting longer.

For those among us who have a horse who suffer from sweet itch, a period of worries will start again. We’ll try to give you some guidance with the following checklist.

  • Start using a Sweet Itch rug as soon as the temperatures are rising and mosquitoes are getting active again. We advise to start using a SweetItch rug in March.
  • Give your horse a detox, so he can start the season with a ‘clean system’.
  • Start supporting your horse from the inside out with a supplement to support gut health and skin health.
  • Take a look at your horses diet, sugars, etc. have a negative effect on the horses body and might increase the severity of the allergy.
  • Make sure your horse is not overweight, because fatty cells are more prone to inflammation.
  • If your horse is suffering from an itchy skin, use creams and lotions to soften the skin and remove the itch.

Make sure you’re acting fast and make sure your horse will enjoy his Summers out in the fields!