Rambo micklem competition bridle deluxe

New design with wider nosepiece and contrast stitch detail.
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Horseware - Micklem Competition Bridle DELUXE

A NEW Bridle for Unrivalled Comfort. With wider nosepiece, raised nose and browband with contrast stitch detail.

This show quality bridle is made from hand finished leather with soft padding on the headpiece, browband, noseband and cheekpieces. This unique bridle has been designed to comfortably fit the shape of the horses skull, avoiding pressure on sensitive areas. Comes complete with bit clips & 2 sets of of bit straps. Without reins!

Designed from the inside out to fit the shape of the horse's skull, the Rambo Micklem Bridle is the most comfortable, flexible and effective bridle ever invented.

The Rambo Micklem Bridle is the first bridle that has been designed from the shape of the horses' skull itself instead of just from the outside appearance of the head.

The complete design of the common bridle has not been challenged in many years and the designer of the Rambo Micklem Bridle, William Micklem, has highlighted inherent problems with the existing shape and style. Damage and discomfort is frequently caused from pressure to the facial nerves, the projecting cheek bones and upper jaw molar teeth. Therefore William Micklem recognized the need to design a bridle that prevents any damage to the facial nerves or sensitive tissues lining the cheeks and inside the mouth.  Additional benefits are for horses who resist due pain around the frequently damaged bars of the mouth or hate too much pressure on the tongue and as a result fight the contact or get their tongue over the bit and then finally the bridle is taken comfortably on a wide and padded headpiece rather than all the weight going on one narrow noseband strap.

The Rambo Micklem Bridle was also the recent winner of the BETA 2008 Innovation Awards where its logical and effective design was recognized as a revolutionary step for the way in which we bridle our horses. The competition bridle is FEI approved.

Available in black and dark havana

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