Sedelogic pad 2 layer

Innovative, pressure distribution and shock-absorbing pad.
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Sedelogic Pad 2 layer

For the first time, in the field of equestrianism, a pad has been developed where extensive pressure measurements were implemented. A team of technicians, veterinary doctors, a scientist from a university hospital and a renowned saddle maker, have developed this unique and performance enhancing pad using space and aerospace technology.

This pad is suitable for all disciplines of equestrianism, for both the top athlete and the recreational rider. This handmade pad has special properties in the field of: pressure distribution, absorbs shocks for both the horse and the rider, moisture discharge and weight.

The fibre structure

The Sedelogic pad is constructed of a number of very breathing layers of three dimensionally woven polyester fibres. Because of the ventilation in the open three dimensional structure, less heat accumulation will occur under the saddle. Therefore also the horse back will remain dryer. As a result of this breathing structure less lesions of the horse skin will appear and the number of back pain complains will lessen. 

Shock absorption

Because of the three dimensional weaving technique thousands of mini shock absorbers arise which result in a strong pressure peak reduction. This strongly shock absorbing horse pad has been developed with laboratory tests of the material and field tests with horse and equestrian. After the fabrication of a pressure measurement mat which can measure pressure peaks during jumping, we have conducted several pressure measurements for a number of horses. These are worldwide the first pressure measurements during a jumping track. Peak pressures up to 100 Newton per square centimeter have been found when landing after the jump, and these peaks emerge at specific spots under the saddle. To put it in perspective, this pressure is equal to six times the pressure under an elephant leg. Because the Sedelogic pad has very good shock absorbing capabilities a peak pressure reduction up to 50% has been found. Because of this the chances of back pains are considerably reduced.

Not only during jumping the pressure distribution on the horse back is important. Also the constant pressure of the weight of the equestrian has to be distributed well on the horse back. This distribution of pressure is very uniform for the Sedelogic horse pad because of the special weaving technique. A pyramidal spread of pressure takes place because of the different layers of material. Because of this technique less spots with a high pressure on the horse back result, and therefore the chance of back pains is reduced.

The Sedelogic pads are very lightweight due to the open breathing structure. Also the polyester fibre doesn’t absorb moisture, which keeps it lightweight during riding. Furthermore the pad is machine washable (30 degrees Celsius) and is dry almost immediately. Drying for a long time is part of the past.

The strong pressure-relieving pad is manufactured in different thicknesses. Depending on usage, you can choose a specific thickness that best suits you and your horse. The pad consists of 3 layers. The top layer and the bottom layer of the 1-, 2- and 3-layer Sedelogic pad is 3 mm thick and made of 100% polyester. The middle layer consists of a three-dimensional woven polyester fibers of 6 mm thickness. Depending on the choice of the pad, the middle layer consists of 1, 2 or 3 fibre layers.

Total thickness per path:

  • 1 layer: 12 mm
  • 2 layer: 15 mm
  • 3 layer: 18 mm

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