Trm eleuthromax

ELEUTHROMAX is a Herbal Anti Stress Agent for horses, which promotes vitality and well being.
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TRM Eleuthromax (10 x 40 g)

Eleuthromax can be added to the daily feed in the following circumstances:

Prior to long distance travel
Prior to stressful events
During convalescence
For difficult or excitable broodmares, or weanlings
Young horses entering training
Horses lacking vitality

Caution: The use of this product may contravene the rules of equestrian competition. The manufacturer recommends withholding from the feed for 48 hours prior to competition.

Eleuthromax can be used in competition, breeding and convalescent horses to improve their overall response to stressful stimuli.

Eleuthromax can enhance the natural resistance and recuperative power of the body.

Eleuthromax contains active ingredients extracted from the roots of the Eleutherococcus senticosus maxim plant. This is a plant of the same Araliaceae family to which Panax ginseng belongs. Eleutherococcus senticosus maxim is a thorny creeping plant which grows abundantly in parts of the Soviet Far East, Korea, China and Japan. The root of the plant contains high concentrations of biologically active eleutherococcus. The active components in eleutherococcusare eleutherosides. These eleutherosides make Eleuthromax an essential supplement for any horse that may encounter stress, be it a physical stress from maximum muscular contraction during training and racing, or environmental stress that manifests itself in many detrimental ways.

The use of Eleuthromax in racehorses, be it on the racetrack or in the breeding shed of a stallion station, is the culmination of many years of research by Professor I.I. Brekhman and Professor I.O. Dardymov in the USSR. The use of Eleuthromax in sport stems from the discovery that it can increase stamina and performance with no side effects compared to other stimulants. The use of Eleuthromax as an anti-stress agent, stems from the findings that it improves the alarm phase response in athletes and reduces the physical side effects associated with stress.

The Applications of Eleuthromax are immense

Immunomodulatory – Eleuthromax can help address fatigue and improve immune functions in the body.
Weaning – Weaning stress increases cortisol conc. for up to 40hrs following weaning. This prolonged stressed state will make the foal susceptible to infection etc.
Young Horses – Breaking and Training predisposes young horses to high levels of stress. Trainers who use Eleuthromax get a better response.
Acclimatisation – The practice of dual-purpose stallions means these expensive animals encounter transport and acclimatisation stress, stress from changes in diet & housing.
Competition Horses – All forms of horses compete at very high levels. These horses must adapt to different types of stress e.g. Transport, climate etc.

More Information
Dosage40 g

per 40g 

Eleutherococcus Extract 12,500mg 
Excipient to 40g 

Usage TextTRM ELEUTHROMAX Voer 1 zakje per dag in geval van ziekte of herstel. Kan vanaf 3 vooraf aan de wedstrijd worden ingezet voor een optimaal resultaat.
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