Cavalor arti matrix

Provides a unique and universal solution to problems associated with bone, capsules, tendons, cartilage and synovial fluid (formerly known as Rejoin)
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Cavalor Arti Matrix

Cavalor Artri Matrix provides a unique and universal solution to all problems associated with bone, capsules, tendons, muscle tissue, cartilage and synovial fluid. Cavalor Artri Matrix is a widely used feed supplement in equine top sport. Cavalor Artri Matrix can be used when there is an increased need for specific nutritional elements for the locomotive system (in periods of deficiency caused by acute or structural problems).

Cavalor Artri Matrix works on several levels:
1. Provides the required nutrients for joints and synovia
2. Has strong anti-inflammatory properties
3. Makes the blood thinner to enhance the transport of nutrients in the very small blood vessels to the joint and also to increase transport of toxins from the joints
4. Stimulates the body resistance to fight against auto-immune reactions

Cavalor Artri Matrix is also used:
- In horses with a sensitive locomotive system.
- In horses which are subjected to heavy workloads.
- In nutritional deficiency or insufficient intake and/or synthesis.

The result? As the horse's body has again a wide range of essential substances at its disposal, the locomotive system returns rapidly to a more normalised state.

Composition and safety of the product

Cavalor Artri Matrix enriches the feed with an exceptionally wide-ranging supply of specific albumins which are well prepared for the task they have to perform. Cavalor Artri Matrix contains glucosamines, Chondroitine sulfate and hyaluronic acid and microchrystalline hydroxy apetite (MCHC). Cavalor Artri Matrix further contains typical minerals, vitamins and amino acids which play a crucial role in the build-up of bones, cartilage, tendons, synovial fluid, etc. Thanks to the addition of omega fatty acids, important physiological processes are maintained and stimulated. Colostrum supplies small peptides with immunostimulating properties and growth factors. The presence of herbs and other elements completes this truly polynutritional food enrichment. Recently, Cavalor Artri Matrix has been enriched with isolated whey protein.

Cavalor Artri Matrix provides the horse's increased nutritional needs quickly and effectively, and gives a sustainable effect. It is recommended that you consult a specialist before using this product. In consultation with the specialist, Cavalor Artri Matrix® may also be given over a longer period to enrich the feed.

More Information
Rug Size145 | 195 cm

Ponies: 1 sachet per animal per day (= 15 grams)
Horses: 2 sachets per animal per day (= 30 grams)
Competition horses: 3 sachets per animal per day (= 45 grams)

For optimal results, give double the dose during the first week. After the first administration, continue to give the product until full recovery is achieved, but at least for a period of eight weeks. Subsequently, if necessary, repeat the normal dose every six months for 30 days. Maximum dose per animal per day: 90 grams (=6 sachets).
Posttreatment with Cavalor Artri Base® is possible, when infection cause and symptoms are gone.

Usage Text

Pony's: 1zakje per dier per dag (=15 gram/ 0.53 oz)
Recreatiepaarden: 2 zakjes per dier per dag (= 30 gram/ 1.06 oz)
Sportpaarden: 3 zakjes per dier per dag (= 45 gram/ 1.58 oz)

Voor de beste resultaten kan de dosis gedurende de eerste week verdubbeld worden. Na de eerste toediening moet het product worden blijven toegediend totdat een volledig herstel is bereikt, maar ten minste voor een periode van acht weken. Indien nodig kan men daarna elke zes maanden de normale dosis herhalen gedurende 30 dagen. De maximumdosis per dier per dag is: 90 gram/ 3.18 oz (=6 zakjes).

Een vervolgbehandeling met Cavalor Arti Base is toegestaan nadat de symptomen en de oorzaak van de infectie zijn verdwenen.

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