DocHorse Bits

DocHorse Bits

A unique saving programme for our loyal customers!

We at DocHorse care a lot about our regular customers. This is why we created a unique loyalty programme for our returning customers: the DocHorse Bits. Each saved Bit represents a value of €1. The DocHorse Bits can be used on all items in our shop, with any order you place!

How can I earn DocHorse bits?

1. By writing a review
The first way to earn DocHorse Bits is by writing a review about a product on the website. You will receive one DocHorse Bit per review. You can write unlimited reviews, but you will earn a maximum of 5 Bits per day by writing reviews. For example: if you write 10 reviews, only the first 5 will be rewarded with a DocHorse Bit (so 5 Bits earned)

2. By placing an order
The second way to earn DocHorse Bits is to place an order at the website. You can use the earned Bits on your next order. It is not possible to use the earned Bits on the same order that provides them. The Bits are given in tears, which are as following:
* Order amount between € 50 and € 100: 3 DocHorse Bits
* Order amount between € 100 and € 250: 8 Dochorse Bits
* Order amount between € 250 and € 500: 20 DocHorse Bits
* Order amount over € 500: 45 Bits

3. Via promotions
The third way to earn DocHorse Bits is by purchasing selected products in our shop. To promote certain products or brands, we put them in the spotlight. Products in the spotlight can get you an extra set of DocHorse Bits. These special offers are promoted individually in our shop, and are always temporary.

How can I use the DocHorse Bits?

You can use the earned DocHorse Bits with any order you place online. You can find an overview of your collected Bits in your personal DocHorse account. This will also show how you earned your DocHorse Bits. To use the Bits, please keep the following in mind:

• You have to have at least 10 DocHorse Bits to be able to use them;
• DocHorse Bits can be used for orders over € 30. Under this amount, it is not possible to use them;
• You can use a maximum of 30 Bits per order. If you have saved more then 30 bits in your account, the rest will be available for your next order.

You can let us know at the check-out page if you want to use your DocHorse Bits to get a discount. You can always choose not to use them, it’s all up to you!

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