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At DocHorse, you can find a carefully selected range of Electrolytes for your horse. After heavy sweating, it is advised to make up for the loss of the minerals with an Electrolyte supplement. Your horse can restore the reserves by itself, but this might take up to 2 days. On hot days during the summer period, your horse may sweat more that he recuperates!

There are different kinds of electrolytes, liquid and in powder, but also in a paste. This is very convenient when you’re at a competition or show. Make sure though, that your horse has access to (fresh) water when you’ve given him Electrolytes, for he may have the need to drink more than usual. Also make sure to read the instruction manual before using the Electrolytes, some have to be given over the feed, others have to be mixed with water.

What is important when choosing the best Electrolytes?

We advise to select a type of Electrolytes that’s based on glucose. It ensures a rapid absorption of the Electrolytes in the intestine. Also, make sure to pick a type that fits your horse. If he’s a picky eater, you might want to take a flavored Electrolyte, but if you’re using it mostly on competitions, perhaps a paste would be the best choice for your horse.

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