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At DocHorse you will find the most extensive range of wound care material for your horse. We are constantly looking for innovative products for faster and better wound healing. For example, there are a number of bandages in our range in which carbon or silver is used.

Always make sure that when you treat a wound, it is covered with a sterile gauze or other kind of dressing material. Then a gamgee (cotton wool roll) can be applied which can be secured with an elastic adhesive bandage (Vetrap). The gamgee can be cut to size. With this combination you ensure a nice pressure distribution. Be aware that if you do not use gamgee, the elastic bandage will squeeze the leg too much.

Abrasions, bruises and swellings can be treated with animalintex. This is a widely used compress that can be used both hot and cold. This can also be fixed with an elastic adhesive bandage. It is also possible to place the animalintex in an antibacterial agent before it is applied to a wound.

A number of must-have that we have available:

  • Sterile compresses or other material to cover a wound (equi-med, robinsons activate etc.)
  • Gamgee cotton wool roll for a good pressure distribution 
  • Elastic adhesive bandage (Vetrap) for fastening the bandage material 
  • Animalintex for the treatment of bruises, minor wounds and swellings

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