Equine legcooler

A well-considered and functional system for cooling your horses legs. By the equal cooling of the lower leg of the horse the blood flow gets extra stimulated.
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Equine Legcooler for 4 legs

The Equine Legcooler is a well-considered and functional system. By the equal cooling of the lower leg of the horse the blood flow gets extra stimulated and the waste products better drained.

The Equine Legcooler is a system, which cools horse legs, using cold circulating water.

The device needs to be placed on top of a horseback and will then be linked to a water supply network.  From two pipes, water flows from the back of the horse to two division units on either side of the horse. Via these units, the water gets divided among the right and left side of the horse through pipes. Connected to these pipes, are leg-sprinklers, which must be connected to the front and hind legs. For the front-leg, the sprinkler must be connected just above the knee and for the hind leg this connection place is right above the hough. Furthermore, two taps are connected to the division units.  In this way, the water input can be opened and proportioned, meaning that all the legs can be provided with cool water at the same time with the same amount of water, however also separately with a different amount of water input.
Important: it must not be forgotten to moisten the hairs of the horse legs sufficiently in order to make sure that the water is going to cool the legs and does not get hindered by the hears.

The recommended treating period is 20 to 30 minutes. After the treatment the legs must be dried well.
Spend enough time looking at swelling of the legs and also spend enough time looking at warmed-up tendons. Whenever you presume an injury contact the VET.

Why is it useful to cool the lower legs of a horse with cold circulating water?

Whenever a horse has been moving and in this way has been making an effort, his tendons and joints of his lower legs have been carrying his weight. Metabolism products are formed and sometimes small tissue damage will occur. What’s more, as mainly tendon tissue faces a bad blood flow, metabolism will not soon get dispatched and blood cells do not quickly reach such a tissue damage to repair the tissue. To stimulate and improve the blood flow of the lower leg of the horse, it is wise to cool the lower legs of the horse right after every training or contest. The lower legs will cool down and extra blood gets attracted to warm up the legs again. During this process the tendons and joints take on their original condition. This treatment is used to prevent the legs of quickly ageing. In fact, it is repairing and preventing therapy at the same time. Also for injuries a treatment from the Equine Legcooler is useful and highly recommended.


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