Trm staysound

STAYSOUND is an internationally acclaimed cold clay which cools, soothes and tightens hot tired legs.
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TRM - Staysound

STAYSOUND contains Thyme oil, an essential oil which is a natural antiseptic, making STAYSOUND safe to use over minor cuts and abrasions.

· STAYSOUND is specially formulated for a longer cooling action.
· STAYSOUND can be used right up to race day, and can be continued for as long as necessary.
· STAYSOUND is easy to apply with no need to wrap or bandage, and is easy to wash off. The cooling action of STAYSOUND is ideal for use on hot tired legs.

STAYSOUND is ready to use, easy to apply and has a superior longer lasting formula, with no need to wrap or bandage, and is easy to wash off. The legs are the most vulnerable structure of the horse and yet they must withstand enormous pressures and forces of impact during training and racing. No other structure, system or organ can give a trainer so much worry. STAYSOUND should be used as part of the daily routine, to care for and help maintain trouble free legs.

Ingredients Montmorillonites Aluminium Silicate Sodium Borate Glycerine Natural Thyme Oil Purified Water

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Usage TextTRM Staysound * Na het werk benen insmeren met de klei * Dikke laag aanbrengen * Kan eventueel met bandage eromheen voor langdurig effect Dit product is ook geschikt voor de eventingsport ter preventie, het test niet positief.
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