Leovet mane liquid

Mane Liquid is a highly effective hair lotion for the roots of tale and mane.
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Leovet - Mane Liquid 500 ml

Mane Liquid is a highly effective hair lotion for the roots of tale and mane. It works actively against dandruff, mane and tail chafing. Leaves the hair dandruff-free and reduces itching, thus preventing chafed long hair, bald docks and short, unsightly manes.

Natural substances from the willow bark renew the skin while assisting its normal peeling process. Bio-sulphurous fluid loosens dandruff and prevents its reoccurrence. Nasty itchiness is markedly reduced. This new formula contains urea and protects against those very unpleasant skin irritations, creating a barrier against further infections. The cells of the skin become almost ‘mortared’ together in a very close bond, leaving bacteria few chances to penetrate.

Urea calms irritated, stressed and chafed skin and prevents itchiness besides. The resistance of the skin is strengthened, and its elasticity increased.

Biological processes as a whole are normalized. Helps replenish the skin’s natural oils, resulting in a healthy shine. Significantly, Urea is used in medicine with great success for a wide range of skin diseases.

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Quantity - ml500 ml
Rug Size95 | 122 cm
Usage TextLeovet - Manenliquid Op de huid aanbrengen en kort inmasseren. Deze behandeling elke twee dagen herhalen. Na gebruik handen wassen!
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