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  1. Busse Vliegendeken Longeren
  2. Back on Track Exercise Rug Sammy
    €116.10 €129.00
  3. Kentucky Riding Rug Fleece
  4. Busse Exercise Fly Sheet
  5. Kentucky neck all weather 0gr
  6. Kentucky quarter rug
  7. Kentucky riding rug
  8. Amigo flyrider
    €82.76 €91.95
  9. Bucas riding rug zebra
    €58.41 €64.90
  10. Bucas buzz off riding zebra
    €85.41 €94.90
  11. Bucas buzz off riding
    €71.91 €79.90
  12. Busse exercise fly sheet

Items 1-20 of 21

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DocHorse.com offers a variety of exercise- or competition sheets that can be used during warming up. Especially with a clipped horse, during the first minutes of training, it can help warming up your horse. When temperatures are very low and your horse is clipped, you can even choose to leave the exercise- or competition sheet on your horse during training. The exercise sheet can also be used when lunging. A lunging girth can be used to keep the rug in place.

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