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Stable rugs and under rugs can be bought at You can choose stable- and under rugs in all types and thicknesses from Horseware, Amigo, Rambo, Rhino, Back on Track, Bucas, QHP, Dy’on and Trust. We offer stable rugs and under rugs with hood, without hood or with a detachable hood.

Why do you need a stable rug?

A stable rug offers extra warmth, so your horse will develop no, or less of a winter coat, causing it to dry slowly after sweating. The biggest asset of a stable rug is that its breathability is larger in comparison to an outdoor rug. If you have the option to change rugs when your horse goes outside and comes back indoors, we advise to use a stable rug indoors, and put an outdoor rug on your horse when he’s out in the field or paddock.

Why do you need an under rug?

An under rug can be used underneath an outdoor rug (and sometimes under a stable rug). This can be done with a liner system. The Horseware liners (under rugs) can be attached to an outdoor rug with Velcro attachments. The Bucas Select under rugs can be attached to all Bucas rugs that have attachment loops for a hood. Besides these under rugs, we also offer the classic cotton lined under rugs that can be used underneath an outdoor rug. The classic cotton lined under rugs have no surcingles. Stable rugs do have surcingles, so you know how to tell them apart.

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