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Cooler rugs are available in all sorts of styles, with or without hood, surcingles and different thicknesses. At DocHorse.com, we offer cooler rugs by Horseware, Amigo, Rambo, Dy’on, Bucas, Back on Track and QHP.

Why do you need a cooler rug?

A cooler rug can be used to avoid your horse getting cold after a training. Fleece and wool rugs keep your horse comfortable and have moisture wicking properties, so your horse will dry fast but won’t catch a cold when the temperatures are low. You can use a fleece or wool rug during transport when an outdoor or stable rug would be less suitable.

What do you need to take into account when shopping for a cooler rug?

That depends on your wishes. If you want to use a cooler rug during warming up and cooling down, it’s best to choose a rug with detachable surcingles. If your horse is clipped, we advise a rug with a (detachable) hood, so you can keep him warm at the neck area also. At DocHorse.com, you can find thin fleece rugs, but also thick double bonded fleece rugs and wool rugs.
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