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Here at Dochorse, you can find fly rugs in all shapes and sizes. We have fly rugs with a fixed hood, a detachable one, or fly rugs without a hood! We even have fly rugs that are specially designed for horses with a broad chest, such as the Amigo XL and the Big Neck rugs by Bucas.

Why would you need a fly rug?

A fly rug protects your horse against flies, gnats, mosquitos and other inects. Most fly rugs are also UV repellent, protecting your horse against harmful UV rays. A fly rug with a light color shields your horse from heat from the sun, especially when he has a dark coat.

What needs special attention when buying a fly rug?

This is completely up to your wishes! There are a few things to consider, such as fit (normal horse or broad chested horse), with or without a hood (and if you want a hood, a fixed one or a detachable one?), treated with an insect repellent (vamoose) or not, and of course the price of the rug. When fitting a fly rug, be sure the rug is not too tight, because your horse will most likely be wearing the rug for most parts of the day, including the time he spends grazing in the field. Pay special attention to the neck, chest and wither area. These are the places the rug should offer enough space to be comfortable.

The 2 most innovative fly rugs are the Rambo Fly Buster and the Bucas Buzz Off Zebra.

The Rambo Fly Buster has everything a good fly rug has to offer. The rug comes with a detachable hood, “V” front closure for a perfect fit around the neck and chest area, the rug is treated with insect repellent 'Vamoose’ and best of all, the rug is close to indestructable because of the special material that has been used.

The Bucas Buzz Off Zebra flyrug is an extraordinary rug also. It comes with a detachable hood and it has a Zebra print. The Zebra print confuses insects, causing them to keep a distance. Be aware, though, not all Zebra printed rugs have this effect! Studies have shown that the black and white ratio has to be precise, to be effective to keep the insects away. This Bucas Buzz Off Zebra rug has the black and white ratio just right!

DocHorse has a wide range of flyrugs available from the brands Horseware, Rambo, Amigo, Bucas, QHP, Equest and Dy’on

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