Alodis Hoof Balm Black Sabot

Black Sabot from Alodis Care is much more than just a hoof balm.

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Alodis Hoof Balm Black Sabot 850GR

Black Sabot from Alodis Care is much more than just a hoof balm. It's a complete solution for the care of horses' hooves, offering a purifying and sanitizing action while contributing to the beauty and shine of the feet.

Black Sabot effectively cleanses and purifies horses' hooves, helping to prevent and combat bacterial infections. Its special formula based on natural ingredients offers optimum
protection against external aggression.

In addition to its cleansing properties, Black Sabot helps improve the natural beauty of horses' feet. It deeply nourishes the hoof, enhancing shine and vitality.

At Alodis Care, every component has a meaning. Beeswax, vegetable oil and charcoal are selected for their selected for their specific properties, guaranteeing a product of exceptional quality. Every product is formulated with the bare essentials, without additives or synthetic fragrances.

Zero Additives, Zero Preservatives, Zero Parabens, Zero Silicones, Zero Synthetic Fragrances:

The Black Sabot formula is pure and natural. It contains no additives, preservatives, parabens, silicone or synthetic fragrances. Alodis Care products are formulated with the bare essentials, prioritizing quality and effectiveness.

More Information

Composition of Alodis Hoof Balm Black Sabot:

The balm is composed of three carefully selected main ingredients from organic farming
from organic farming:

- Organic beeswax: with film-forming, moisturizing, protective and purifying qualities.
- Organic vegetable oil (brassica napus): Rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, with high vitamin E
high vitamin E content, it nourishes the hoof in depth.
- Organic charcoal powder: Captures toxins and impurities, particularly effective in resolving
fork problems.

Usage Text

Instructions for use Alodis Hoof Balm Black Sabot:

We recommend applying Black Sabot once or twice a day or every other day, depending on the the condition of the hooves.

Keep out of reach of children, close tightly after use, and observe optimal storage instructions.

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