Cavalor energybooster

Compensates for loss of energy during top performance...
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6 x 60 ml6€87.95€14.66

Cavlor Energy Booster 6 injectors 60 ml

Compensates for loss of energy during top performance...

Cavalor Energy Booster is formulated in a way that it provides the horse with an extra energy boost and important nutrients before/during and after strenuous efforts. When supplied before strenuous efforts, Cavalor Energy Booster supplies the horse with high-quality nutrients to maintain and boost performance. It provides energy to the horse in the form of high available carbohydrates. This will increase glycogen/glucose stores in the body i.e. the amount of fuel which can be used for performance and for that delay the onset of fatigue. In addition Cavalor Energy Booster provides also those minerals, vitamins and substrates important for muscular activity.

Cavalor Energy Boost is also supplied after competition or strenuous effort for a quick recuperation. As tissue repair is increased by muscular activity an increased demand of nutrients and building blocks is needed. Further, mineral losses due to transpiration or substrate used for muscular activity should be replenished for a quick recuperation and a constant condition.

Cavalor Energy Booster contains no substances that are prohibited in competitive sports.  

More Information
Quantity - ml6 x 60 ml
Dosage60 ml

Samenstelling: dextrose, natriumchloride, magnesiumchloride

Analystische bestanddelen: 

  • 61.4% vocht
  • 1.4% ruw eiwit
  • 0.1% ruw vet
  • 7.6% ruwe as
  • 0.1% ruwe celstof
  • 17% glucose
  • 3% natrium
  • 0.8% calcium
  • 1.9% kalium
  • 0.09% magnesium
  • 6.5% chloor
  • 0.47% lysine
  • 0.5% threonine
  • 0.5% tryptofaan

Toevoegingsmiddelen per liter:

  • 1.200 mg Vitamine B1 (Thiamine)
  • 1.550 mg Vitamine B2 
  • 900 mg Vitamine B3
  • 1.500 mg Vitamine B6
  • 400 mg Vitamine C
  • 2 mg Vitamine B12
Usage TextCavlor Energy Booster Naar behoefte per gebeurtenis / per dag: 0,5 tot 1 booster (met de doseerring kunt u de hoeveelheid regelen) achter op de tong van het paard aanbrengen.
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