Cavalor hepato liq

Restores liver condition after a heavy competition season
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Cavalor Hepato Liquid

Restores liver condition after a heavy competition season

Indication for use

Waste products of metabolism are detoxified or filtered by the liver and the kidneys, and subsequently removed from the horse's body. If that process fails to function, waste products accumulate and liver and kidney function are altered in particular. Liver cells, for example, may no longer have a chance to regenerate (recover). Kidney and liver dysfunction may result in various complaints and is difficult to diagnose, even for specialists, without using various diagnostic tools. Cavalor® Hepato Liq is a preparation for horses containing natural substances which - as a supplement to the daily feed ration - play an important role in the protection and regeneration of the liver and kidneys but also lighten the workload on these organs. For example, the release of bile salts is stimulated. The specific composition of Cavalor Hepato Liq ensures that these substances are easily absorbed. In many cases the results are already clearly noticeable after just one week. Active competition horses with a heavy competition schedule are frequently given Cavalor Hepato Liq during rest periods between or following a succession of events involving intense exercise.

More Information
Rug Size145 | 195 cm
Usage Text

Sprenkel gedurende één week 20 ml over het dagelijks voeder (dosering aangegeven op de fles).
Met een interval van 21 dagen kan men dit zo nodig herhalen.

(maximale hoeveelheid per dier per dag = 50 ml)
Het is aan te reden vóór gebruik een specialist te raadplegen.

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