Equine america lamigard solution

This supplement contains powerful ingredients to help mop up excess free radicals which settle in the feet,
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Equine America Lamigard TRT Solution 1000 ml

Lamigard solution is a highly effective supplement for your horse or pony and can be used at high levels in the short term, and at a maintenance level for long term health. The Lamigard solution will ensure your horses feet stay healthy all year round and will complement a careful feeding regime. 

This supplement contains powerful ingredients to help mop up excess free radicals which settle in the feet, supporting a healthy enzyme level within the hooves and providing nutrients to the internal sensitive structures, as well as promoting external hoof wall condition.

More Information
BrandEquine America
Verwachte levertijdTijdelijk niet leverbaar
Quantity - ml1 L
Dosage15 ml

Technologische bestanddelen
Conserveringsmiddel: Ammonium Propionate - E280 - 1000mg/kg.
Anti-Oxidant: Ascorbic Acid - E300 - 1.30mg/kg.

Natuurlijke bestanddelen
Vitamine&pro-vitamins: Folic Acid - 5000mg/kg, D-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamine E)- 5000mg/kg, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride - 40mg/kg.
Aminozuren: DL-Methionine

Water, Plantensterolen, Botanische Extracten, Biotine, Zwavel

Usage Text

Voor paarden rond de 500 kg: Opstartperiode van 7 dagen 2 x 30 ml per dag daarna 7 dagen 1 x 30 ml per dag. Voor onderhoud 15 ml per dag.

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