Equistro ß-carotin

EQUISTRO ß-CAROTIN is a nutrient of central importance for breeding animals. Key Vitamin and Vitamin precursors for reproduction health. Coated ß-carotene pearl formula.
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Equistro B-carotin 3000 gram

Concentrate of ß-carotene, vitamins A, E and unsaturated fatty acids. For specialised use in: Broodmares - to aid fertility. Breeding stallions - to optimise covering performance and sperm quality.

ß-carotene is not only a precursor for vitamin A but also is directly implicated in the biosynthesis of progesterone, a hormone central to sperm quality and viability of the stallion as well as all of the different reproductive stages of the broodmare. ß-carotene is involved in follicule maturation, heat cycle, conception and maintenance of pregnancy. ß-CAROTIN supplies on a daily basis (standard sized horse), 500 mg ß-carotene, 10,000 IU vitamin A, 250mg vitamin E as well as unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 particularly) which play a vital role in the fertility of mares and stallions.

ß-CAROTIN use is recommended when the pasture/roughage is less rich in ß-carotene, notably from January to May as well as during the stud season:
• Stallions : when the covering vigour and sperm quality are essential factors
• Broodmares: when the heat quality, viable pregnancies and colostrum quality are the advantages particularly required

More Information
Contents - gram3000 gr
Dosage50 g

Composition : Glucose, Fish oil 8%, Calcium carbonate.

Additives/kg :

Vitamins and pro-vitamins: Vitamin A (E672) 200 000 UI, Beta-carotene (E 160a) 10 000 mg, Vitamin Vitamin E/ all-rac-alpha -tocopheryl acetate (3a700) 10 000 mg.
Composed of trace elements: Iron (as hydrated amino acid chelated) (E1) 1 700 mg.

Analytical constituents : Crude ash 11.6%, Moisture 8%, Crude protein 5.5%, HCl insoluble ash 5%, Crude fat 4.5%, Sodium 1.3%, Crude fibre 0.3%

Usage Text

EQUISTRO ß-CAROTIN TOEDIENINGSVORM: Poeder 50 gram per dag over het voer toedienen.

Begin met het toedienen van de poeder minimaal 2 maanden voor het dekseizoen.
Blijf gedurende het hele dekseizoen en de zwangerschap de poeder gebruiken.

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