Horseware fieldsafe headcollar

Protects your horse from injury by using a safety Velcro strap that releases in emergency situations.
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Any horse wearing a headcollar while unattended such as in a field or stable can potentially get into trouble with the headcollar becoming caught. Accidents happen regardless of size/type of horse, type of traditional collar or amount of supervision.

Young horses are at a higher risk of these types of accidents as they are often trying to initiate play and can more easily trigger a mishap. In this situation the Field Safe headcollar could possibly save damaging consequences or even a life.

The most frequent accidents involving headcollars becoming caught up are…

• Horse playing
• Fencing/Gates
• Stable Doors
• Shrubs/Tree branches

The Horseware® FieldSafe™ Headcollar protects a horse from injury by using a safety Velcro strap that releases in emergency situations.

Two Safety Release Straps are provided with the headcollar which are designed to release away from the cheek piece ring. One has release strength on average of 40kg and the other 80kg. This means that you can choose the level relevant to the type of horse. For example a small or young horse may only require the weaker release strap whereas with a large or heavy horse you are more likely to use the stronger release strap. The two straps supplied are labeled to indicate their release strength.

Can I use the FieldSafe™ Headcollar again if the strap is released?

With the 80kg release strap, the strap will remain attached to buckle and as long as you can find the headcollar you will be able to reuse it by looping it through the cheek piece ring and doubling back the Velcro on itself. With the 40kg release strap, the strap is not attached to the buckle and so will separate completely from the Headcollar. Therefore as long as you can find it is reusable! The strap loops through the buckle and cheek piece ring and the Velcro folds back on itself.

• Nylon headcollar with velvet padding on headpiece and noseband
• Quick release clip on cheek
• Adjustable noseband
• Velcro breaking point for safe use in the field

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Horse

Colours: Red and Green

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Rug Size145 | 195 cm
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