Supports and protects maintaining a strong healthy frog. Hypozin strengthens and protects, so the frog will get another chance to recover.
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Hypozin 100 gr

Thrush may be incurred if the horse is kept in a humid environment for a long time. The hooves become soft and cannot recover.
The main factors that play a role in the development of thrush are dirt, moisture and poor hoof care. A dirty and wet stable is often the main cause of this disease. In a stable or paddock that is moist and dirty, the bacterias gain entry into the hoof area and cause an infection of the contaminated hoof, mainly in the narrow, middle radius of the hoof. If the infection is treated immediately, recovery is almost always possible and severe damage of the tissues of the hooves as well as the risk of cancer can be avoided.

Besides keeping horse stables and surroundings clean to help in preventing horse thrush, Hypozin can be used to prevent thrush. When the hoof ray becomes softer, apply a thin layer Hypozin.

Hypozin contains 100 grams per injector. This is sufficient for treatment of 3 to 4 weeks


Hypozin contains a very high concentration of zinc oxide, in contrast to zinc ointment (zinc ointment contains 10% zinc oxide). The zinc oxide component has a drying effect and offers protection from the effects of body fluids (urine and feces in the stables).

The balanced formulation of essential ingredients is to ensure the specific effect of Hypozin.

* Zinc combination
   - slightly astringent
   - drying and moisture floating
   - anti-itching / cooling
   - algae and fungus resistant
   - disinfection

* Demi water
   - prevents unwanted reactions with the metals and raw materials by acid that have been from the water
   - reduces the risk of bacterial spoilage

* Glycerine
   - added to medical preparations for smoothing and soothing effect

More Information
Contents - gram100 gr

Hypozin bevat o.a. een zeer hoge concentratie zinkoxide, in tegenstelling tot zinkzalf (zinkzalf bevat slechts 10% zinkoxide). Het bestanddeel zinkoxide heeft een indrogende werking en biedt bescherming tegen de inwerking van lichaamsvloeistoffen (urine en ontlasting in de stal).

De uitgebalanceerde formulering van de hoofdbestanddelen zorgen voor de specifieke werking van Hypozin.

Usage Text

Om de straal en zolen te behandelen dient allereerst de straal te worden gereinigd. Breng hierna een laagje Hypozin aan in de gereinigde straal. Het behandelde deel zal indrogen. Het insmeren dagelijks herhalen totdat bevredigend resultaat is behaald.

Hypozin bevat 100 gram product per injector. Dit is voldoende voor een behandeling van 3 a 4 weken.

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