Incrediwear Equine Standing Wraps

Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps are designed to fit comfortably around the horse's legs and are created to help prevent injury, accelerate recovery and improve performance.

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Incrediwear Equine Standing Wraps

Incrediwear underlays are made of an innovative material. The material provides maximum blood flow and optimal lymph drainage. No other therapeutic product also provides an optimally functioning lymphatic system, this makes the material unique in the field of therapeutic products for horses. The lymphatic system (lymph vessels and lymph nodes) has a crucial role in creating and maintaining the body's cells. The lymph has a nourishing, purifying and draining role. The combined action removes all waste products from the tissues (much of it ends up not only in the blood but also in the lymph).

The underlays are suitable for use in the stable. The pads can be attached with stable bandages. The pads are suitable for daily use.

The Incrediwear underlays can be used preventatively to prevent injuries and they can be used for existing injuries including tendon injuries, galls, stable legs, swelling and osteoarthritis. In both cases, they accelerate recovery at the cellular level. The Indrediwear underlays also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

How does the Incrediwear fabric work?

Incrediwear is a unique "therapeutic" fabric that has been used in the human sports industry for over 6 years. Incrediwear is a germanium (carbon) embedded fiber that becomes active when in contact with body heat. When the fabric is active, it releases a negative ion that maximizes blood flow and also ensures an optimally functioning lymphatic system.

Size Guide Incrediwear Equine Standing Wraps:

14’’ = 36cm high ,16’’ = 41 cm high, 18’’ = 46 cm high.

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