LPC Red Booster

LPC Red Booster contributes to an improved supply of oxygen during exercise

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LPC Red Booster 1000 GR

LPC Red Booster contributes to an improved supply of oxygen during exercise. This supplement is particularly suitable for supporting and preparing the horse for a lot of exertion and also for its recovery. LPC Red Booster also contributes to a good functioning of the metabolism.

Advantages of the LPC Red Booster

  • Better supply of oxygen during heavy exertion
  • A real multivitamin to support the sport horse
  • Contributes to a good functioning of the metabolism
More Information
Rug Size145 | 195 cm

3a700 vitamin E (fully racemic alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 10,000 IU, vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate) 1,200 mg, vitamin B12 80 mg, L-carnitine 1,000 mg, choline chlroride (3a890) 5,400 mg, anhydrous betaine 20,000 mg

Trace elements
Iron (glycine ferric chelate hydrate) (E1) 5 000 mg, cobalt (cobalt(II) acetate tetrahydrate) (3b301) 80 mg, copper (glycine copper chelate hydrate) (E4) 600 mg, zinc (glycine zinc chelate hydrate) (E6) 2 000 mg, selenium (inactivated selenium yeast) (3b8.10) 12 mg

Mixture of aromatic substances

Usage Text

Directions for use: Mix with the ration.

1 kg = 40 days of use in normal work conditions.

Recommended doses
- Normal work: 25 g per day.
- Intensive work: 50 g per day.

Recommended duration
Minimum 3 weeks.

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