Naf optimum feed balancer

NAF Optimum balancer contributes to a good appearance and health of your horse. It is a concentrated  pellet full of vitamins and minerals.

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NAF Optimum Feed Balancer

Feeding NAF Five Star OPTIMUM Concentrated Feed Balancer will optimise every horses daily diet, and the great news is the unique concentrated formula is perfect for every horse, from family pony to performance athlete, making it the optimum choice for all. Concentrated and easy to feed, OPTIMUM comes in a palatable pellet, each with optimal supplement specification and a great flavour. OPTIMUM is formulated to complement either a high fibre, low concentrate or performance diet and optimise the nutritional value of every daily feed ration. When a daily feed is not necessary, OPTIMUM can be simply given on its own.

More Information
Rug Size145 | 195 cm


Grasmeel, calcium carbonaat, tarwegries, biergist, mais, mint, gember, dicalciumfosfaat, wei-eiwitpoeder, paardenbloem bladeren, oligo-fructose (gedroogd), saccharomyces cerevisiae extract, tarwe eiwit, natrium chloride, inula helenium, koolzaadolie, lijnzaadolie, zoethout, weipoeder, magnesiumoxide.

Toevoegingen (per kg)

  • Aminozuren:  dl-Methionine (1,040 mg), l-Lysine monohydrochloride (2,070 mg)
  • Spoorelementen: Calciumjodaat ,watervrij ( E2 4.14 mg Jodium) 6,42 mg, Kopersulfaat,pentahydraat  (E4 813 mg Koper) 3220 mg, Ijzersulfaat ,monohydraat (E1 621 mg Ijzer) 2070 mg, Mangaanoxide (E5 414 mg Mangaan) 668 mg, Selenium verrijkt gist (inactief)  (1.65 mg Selenium) 1660 mg, Zink oxide E6 (2,250 mg Zink) 3120 mg
  • Vitamines: Biotine (6.63 mg),  Panthotheen zuur (103 mg), Choline chloride (414 mg), Folium Zuur (31 mg), Vitamine A E672 (62,200 I.E), Vitamine B1 (103 mg), Vitamine B12 (690 μg), Vitamine B2 (69.2 mg), Vitamine B6 (41.4 mg), Vitamine D3 (10,400 I.E.), Vitamine E (1,760 I.E.), Vitamine K (35,20 mg), Niacinamide (183 mg)

Analytische bestanddelen

  • Ruw eiwit  (10.4%), Ruwe oliën en vetten (2.4%), Ruwe as (39.0%), Ruwe celstof (64,4%), Natrium 6.260 mg/kg, Calcium 106.800 mg/kg, Magnesium 742 mg/kg, Fosfor 3800 mg/kg
Usage Text

Toevoegen aan het dagelijkse rantsoen. De aanbevolen dagelijkse dosering. 1 maatschepje van 130 ml bevat ca. 100 g.

Grote paarden (600kg) , 150g per dag (1,5 schepje)

Paarden (400-600kg), 100g per dag (1 schepje)

Pony's  (<400kg), 50g per dag (0,5 schepje)

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