Pavo Vital

Does your horse or pony get little or no concentrated feed? Then give them Pavo Vital!

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Pavo Vital

Does your horse or pony get little or no concentrated feed? Then give them Pavo Vital! With less than 1.5 kg concentrated feed per day for a horse (600 kg) and less than 0.75 kg per day for a pony (300 kg) they already don't get enough vitamins and minerals, so supplementing with a balancer, such as Pavo Vital, is the solution!

New generation balancer

Pavo Vital is a daily balancer: a molasses- and grainfree chunk with all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs, made from 100% natural raw materials and without any superfluous additives. The unique thing about Pavo Vital is the addition of the latest generation of trace elements Intellibond®. This special mix ensures that the naturally nasty taste of copper and zinc is only released in the stomach instead of the mouth. This means that your horse doesn't taste anything and that the always difficult trace elements are very well absorbed. Together with the addition of Timothy and Lucerne this results in a very tasty pellet!

Composed according to the latest research data

All vitamins and minerals in Pavo Vital are scientifically attuned to each other. Therefore, you no longer have to combine different pots and avoid the risk of overdosing. Pavo Vital contains the daily dose of selenium and extra biotin to support the hoof and skin health. In addition, the amount of vitamin A is deliberately low and no iron has been added, because horses already get enough of it from roughage.

Contents: 8KG

More Information

Luzerne / Grasbrok Timothee / Calciumcarbonaat / Natriumchloride (zout)

Usage Text

Horse (approx. 600 kg): 100 grams per day

Pony (approx. 300 kg): 50 grams per day

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