Groom Away

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Groom Away has been producing 100 % natural care products for horses since 1994. This Brittish brand has been popular in the UK for years, and is now available at DocHorse!

All the Groom Away products are 100% natural. This makes it distinctive from other brands care products. All ingredients have a natural basis so there’s hardly a chance on skin irritations when you use it. We hear more and more often that horses have an irritated skin or allergic reaction to the standard care products, body washes and shampoos, especially clipped horses or horses with a sensitive skin. This makes Groom Away perfect for horses with sensitive skin!

The Groom Away range contains products that can be used on a daily basis such as shampoos, body wash, detangler and leather care products. Groom Away has also some unique products that are perfect to prepare your horse for competitions or tests, such as a natural highlighter, a concealer and a show shimmer spray. In addition to all these products, Groom Away also offers some products for the horses that need some extra skin care in case of mudfever, itchiness and small wounds.

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