Cavalor Peak Performance

Cavalor Peak Performance is for sport horses that can use a physical boost.

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Cavalor Peak Performance 500 ml

Cavalor Peak Performance improves mobility and performance in sport horses by stimulating blood circulation and boosting lymphatic system function. Cavalor Peak Performance is a balanced blend of essential oils and herbal extracts that improves equine alertness and performance. Its natural ingredients promote the efficient transport of oxygen through the bloodstream and ensure that toxins are quickly eliminated by the lymphatic system. The result is more energy and faster recovery times. This focus on the lymphatic system makes Cavalor Peak Performance an innovative way to improve your horse's general condition and stamina and fight fatigue. It also ensures good health, as the lymphatic system is also an important component of the immune system. The ideal supplement for high performance horses. 

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Quantity - ml500 ml
Rug Size145 | 195 cm
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Dosage per animal per day: Ponies: 10 ml Sport horses: 20 ml Maximum dosage: 40 ml The speed of results depends on your horse’s current condition. If your horse is in good condition and you need a peak in performance, results will be noticeable after 7 days. If you want to improve condition in a more structural way, we recommend at least 3 weeks of use. Shake well before using!

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