Global medics hemachol

Hemachol is the most powerful red blood cell stimulator and liver regulator for horses on the European market.
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Global Medics Hemachol 1000 ml

Hemachol is the most powerful red blood cell stimulator and liver regulator for horses on the European market. Besides a natural EPO-effect, Hemachol has an obvious purifying effect on the liver.

Hemachol is designed to support the red blood cell production. (more red blood cells means a higher hematocrit, which increases the oxygen transport to the cells)
Iron, copper and cobalt minerals are important in the production of haemoglobin.

Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B11 and B12 encourage hematopoietic process.

Due to the addition of methionine, choline and inositol fat accumulation in the liver is countered.  All of this ensures that Hemachol improves the liver function.

More Information
Quantity - ml1 L
Dosage25 ml


Demiralised water 59,37%, Dextrose monohydrate 6,00%, saccharose 6,00 %, Glycerol 3,00 %

Guaranteed composition:

Crude protein 0,00 %
Crude Fat 0,00 %
Crude cellulose 0,00 %
Crude ash 0,50 %
Calcium 0,00 %

Magnesium 0,00 %
Phosphorus 0,00 %
Sodium 0,0 %
Moisture content 66,00 %


Processing agents: Citric acid-E330 25,000 ml/L, Potassium sorbate-E201 1,800 ml/L, Sodium benzoate-E700 1,800 ml/L.
Sensory agents: Colorants: Caramel colour-E150c 40,000 ml/L .
Aromatic substances : Cherry flavour 1,636 ml/L.
Vitamins: Folic acid 20,000 ml/L,Thiamine HCL ( Vit B1) 10,000 mg/kg, Riboflavin ( Vit B2) 10,000 ml/L,Pyridoxine HCL( Vit B6) 10,000 ml/L,Choline dihydrogen citrate 3,200 ml/L, Inositol 2,000 ml/L,Cyanocobalamin (Vit B12) 200 ml/L.
Spore elements:Iron amino aid chelate, hydrate ( 10,000 mg/kg iron)-EI 63,694ml/l, Copper animo acid chelate, hydrate(300 mg/kg copper)-E4 45,000 ml/L, Zinc amino acid chelate, hydrate (300mg/kg zinc)-E6 5,000 ml/L Manganese amino acid chelate,hydrate(125mg/kg manganese_ -E 5,000 ml/L.
Amino acids: L-Melathionine 2,000 ml/L

Usage Text

First 7 days 50 ml, afterwards 25 ml per day per horse. 20 day treatment.

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