Synovium myocare-e

Additional feeding stuff for horses for maximum strength in muscle, delays fatigue and shortens recovery.
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MYOCARE-E is a uniquely developed natural blend of different feedadditives for optimal performance. Vitamin E and Selenium both aid in the neutralisation of free radicals after strenuous exercise and therefore keep the muscles in optimal shape. Creatine is a nutrient found naturally in the body. Creatine when ingested, bounds with phosphoric acid to form the high energy compound ‘creatine phosphate’. It is this energy rich compound that will keep muscles working at maximum output for longer. By supplementing with “MYOCARE-E” you are ensuring the maximum availability of Creatine

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Brand Synovium
Contents - gram 1500 gr
Dosage 30 g

Bevat per KG:

  • Vitamine E (als alpha tocopherol acetaat)         900mg
  • Selenium                                                                  200 mg
  • Creatine Monohydrate                                            560000 mg
Usage Text SYNOVIUM MYOCARE-E Toevoegen aan dagelijks voer, opstarten met 50 gram 2 keer per dag. Onderhoudsdosering 30 gram per dag. (Een schepje bevat 30 gram) Dit product is vervaardigd onder GMP+ licentie
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